We offer our services in almost every facet of Information & Communication Technology and at very competitive prices.Some of the services that we offer have been outlined below:

Capacity Building / Program Management Division
  • Establishing Project Management Office, Program Management Service, Project Planning and Controlling
  • Change Management, Productivity and Efficiency enhancement
  • Trainings - Portfolio Management, Program Management, Project Management PMP, Prince2, Organizational Behavior, Project Costing, Computer Information System Security, 3G and 4 G technology
  • Technical Human Resource Outsourcing / Offshore Development Center
Software Solutions and System Integration
  • Network Management System
  • Customer Support Management System
  • Sales Opportunity Management
  • Real Estate Manager
  • Order Tracking System
  • Restaurant Management System
  • Payroll & Resource Monitoring System
  • Telemedicine for rural and remote areas by using electro medical equipment
  • Complete Web based Health Care Management Information System for Hospitals and Doctor 
  • eServices Solutions for IT Governance
  • Complete Enterprise Resource Management Planning Solutions
  • Provision of Licensed Software
IT Infrastructure Deployment Services

System Integration Services from BTH feature supply, installation and integration of hardware, software and onsite support services. Our services are backed by our partnerships with leading technology vendors such as IBM, HP, Dell, Juniper, Microsoft, Oracle, among others. Our implementation team members have relevant certifications including Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP), Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), and ISO27001LA. We adhere to IT Industry best practices in terms of project execution, management and methodology. Our services include following:

  • Technology implementation, Datacenter/ Disaster Recovery and hardware installation
  • Comprehensive onsite annual support services
  • Installation / integration, Migration, Testing / user acceptance
  • Training on technologies such as Operating systems (Microsoft / Solaris / Linux) , Database (MS SQL / Oracle), Network security (Juniper / Cisco), Storage technologies such as SAN / NAS (IBM /HP, Hitachi)
  • Our service deliverables comprise Solution design / architecture documentation, Project implementation plan, Technical documentation, Supply of hardware and system software
Web Design & Development

BTH Web Design & Development Division provides following services

  • Web design, Web development and online promotion
  • E-commerce websites
  • Dynamic corporate websites
  • Web application development
  • Multilingual website development to target local/regional markets
  • Online promotion and search engine marketing, including SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Online blogs for celebrities, entrepreneurs, politicians, social workers and people from all walks of life

BTH DIVISION 3- Aerospace

Keeping in line with the vision and objectives of Beyond The Horizon, the Aerospace Technologies Division, in collaboration with global military giants in Aerospace Technology, provides products and services to Pakistan Air Force, Pakistan Navy and Pakistan Army Aviation and Civil Aviation.

  • Fighter Air Craft Avionics Up Gradation, Engines Overhaul, Spares Support & Wire Harness Training
  • Military Transport Aircraft Avionic Up Gradation, Engines Overhaul, Spares support & Wire Harness Training
  • Civil Aircraft Avionic Up Gradation , Engines Overhaul, Spares support & Training Wire Harness
  • Acquisition / Lease/ Financing of Commercial Air Crafts
  • IL-76/78 Air Refueler Acquisition, Lease & Financing
  • Acquisition / Leasing/ Financing of UAVs
  • Simulator Training System & Full Mission Simulators
  • Naval Aviation� Repair / Spares / Services of Maritime Patrol Aircraft and Helicopters
  • Army Aviation� Repair / Spares / Services of Aircraft and Helicopters
  • Airborne EW systems
  • Air Traffic Control Simulator Training, Air Defence Simulator Training and Flight Simulator Training
  • Air Traffic Data, Information Display, Automatic Terminal Information Services & Flight Data Management Systems
  • Air Ports Radars & Radio Systems
  • Air Ports Day & Night Lighting Systems
  • ATC Receiver / Decoder, Digital VCC, Crash Alarm, Emergency Handset & VHF Radio Direction Finder Systems
  • Air Defence Systems
  • Ground Support & Handling Systems
  • Radars
  • ATH Defense & Security Solutions, Turkey
  • Tamron Aviation, Turkey
  • Havelsan Ehsim, Turkey
  • Interactive Defense Group, Turkey
  • Equipment Group LLC, USA
  • Equipment Group LLC, USA
  • Aero Worx, USA
  • EMTEQ, Switzerland
  • Copper Chase, UK
  • T-Cz, Czech Republic
  • PAMCO, Czech Republic
  • Skyhow, Finland
  • Stratech, Singapore
  • Anoyay Technologies, China
  • Pyramis Aerospace LLC, USA
BTH DIVISION 4- Maritime Technologies

Maritime Technologies Division, following the mission of BTH, is constantly exploring world renowned advanced industries in the field of Maritime. This division deals in ship building & repair, Naval Aviation & avionics, Harbor Defense Systems, Sea-shore Communication, Security and Naval Sensors & Equipment. This division provides all service support through its well established system with the collaboration of OEM. The staff provides a combination of technical competence, especially in electronics and naval technology, with operational experience acquired through service in Pakistan Navy and the corporate world.

  • Naval Ship Building & Repair
  • Commercial Ship Building & Repair
  • Integrated Combat Management System
  • Naval Combat Systems
  • Command & Control Systems
  • Simulation, Training System & Full Mission Simulators
  • Naval Aviation� Repair / Spares / Services of Maritime Patrol Aircraft and Helicopters
  • Airborne ESM systems
  • Airborne EW systems
  • NVGs
  • Armouring of SUVs and sedan vehicles ( level A9/B6+ standards )
  • Digital Video-Audio Transmission Systems
  • Night & Day Viewing Systems
  • Harbor Defense Systems
  • Naval Equipment and Sensors
  • Electro-Optic Sensors
  • Laser Range Finders
  • Long Range Surveillance Systems
  • Long Range Cameras with Multi-Sensor and Laser Range Finder as well
  • Thermal Imaging Sensors
Foreign Principals

BTH Web Design & Development Division provides following services

  • Dearsan Ship Building & Repair Company
  • Proteksan Turquoise Yachts � Inc
  • Turk Marin Llc
  • Havelsan Ehsim
  • ATH Turkey
  • Interactive Defence Turkey
  • Fotoniks
  • Alpine Armouring Inc. USA
BTH DIVISION 5- Power & Energy

BTH is committed to providing quality power and energy products and services in Pakistan. Due to continuing power and energy crisis, there is a great potential in the Pakistani economy for investment in this sector. Having links with top-of-the-line foreign firms and investors in the field, BTH is very well positioned to improve the power & energy situation in the country. Since the demand for fossil fuel leads to the degradation of the environment, we would also like to provide cost-effective renewable energy solutions to our customers.

Areas of Technology
  • Solar Energy
  • Wind Energy
  • Hydel Energy
  • Thermal Energy
  • Bio- fuel Energy
  • Solar films/waste energy reduction
Energy Efficiency & Conservation

With the dwindling energy resources, sky rocketing energy tariffs and ever increasing load shedding, the need for energy conservation is of paramount importance. Fortunately, BTH is very well established in the area of energy and water conservation both in buildings and industry. We carry out the necessary analysis and identify appropriate measures to reduce energy consumption and ensure from 40 to 50 percent savings. These can include the necessary operational changes for air conditioning, lighting, lifts & escalators and possible retrofit measures.

BTH DIVISION 6- Ground Defense Systems and Solutions

BTH Division-6 is constantly endeavoring to bridge the technology gap in areas of Ground Defense where it focuses on the requirements of Pakistan Army in the following domains.

Areas of Technology
  • Weapons and Sensors
  • Communication and Broadcasting Systems
  • Command and Control Systems
  • Land Systems- Artillery equipment
  • Electronic Warfare Systems
  • Mobility and Mechanization-Tracked Vehicles
  • Simulators and Training Systems
  • Electro-Optics and Night Vision Devices
  • Battle Management Systems
  • Chemicals and processes, explosives, ammunitions
  • Engines, power units
  • Electric and electronic system equipment and parts
Foreign Principals
  • ROHDE & SCHWARZ, Germany
  • PAMCO Group, Czech Republic
  • T-CZ, Czech Republic
  • FOTONIKS, Turkey
  • HTR Radar, Turkey
  • TUBITAK, Turkey
  • GATE, Turkey
  • B Research & Development, Turkey
  • MIKES, Turkey
  • ROKETSAN, Turkey
  • TAPASAN, Turkey
  • ASPILSAN, Turkey
  • ANTENSAN, Germany
  • ZK Software
BTH DIVISION 7- Test & Measurement

The Test & Measurement Division, in collaboration with world renowned leading manufacturers of Test and Measurement equipment, makes BTH unique in competitive environment with cutting edge technology in order to meet the needs of our valued customers like the Armed Forces of Pakistan, DGDP, public sector organisations (PAC Kamra, PMO, MTC, AWC, KRL, NDC, AERO, SPD, KRL, PAEC, NORI, SUPARCO, PINSTECH, PTA, NTC, PIA, MSA, HMC, HEC, HIT, FWO, Institute of Space, Pakistan Ordnance Factories, Ministry of IT and Telecommunication and Special Communications Organization etc.), public and private universities and colleges, PTCL, polytechnic institutes, private industries, oil & gas exploration & refineries, banking and hospitals, etc.

Areas of Technology
  • Basic Digital and Analogue Meters - Multi Meters, Volt and Continuity Meters, EMF Meters, LCR Meters, Clamp Meters & Testers, Process Meters and AVO
  • Signal Generating Equipment - Signal Generators, Pulse Generators, Digital Pattern Generators, Function Generators Frequency Synthesiser & DC Power Supplies
  • Circuit Analysis Equipment- Oscilloscope, Frequency Counter, Spectrum Analyser, Logic Analyser, Vector Signal Analyser, Protocol Analyser, High Precision Power Analysers, Modulator Domain Analysers and Vector Network Analysers
  • Time & Frequency Test and Measurement
  • Calibration Instruments
  • Fibre Optics Testing Instruments/Meters - Optical Power Meter, Fibre Optic Test Kit, OTDR, Fibre Optics Power Meter, Length Tester & Fault Locators.
  • Testers- PCB Tester, IC Tester, Logic Tester, Network testing equipment, Cable Tester
  • Temperature test and measurement- Thermal Imaging Fault Locators, TIC and Infrared Thermal Imaging
  • Health Monitoring Equipment � Endoscopic equipment, Vibration Analysis Equipment
  • Bio medical Instruments- X-Ray and ECG Machines
  • Probes- RF Probe, Signal Tracer, Clamp Meters & Testers
  • Special To Type Test Equipment
Foreign Principals
  • ROHDE & SCHWARZ, Germany
  • Fluke Networks Inc, USA
  • Transcat, Inc. USA
  • National Instruments, USA
  • Grainger Inc, USA
  • Nova Microwave USA
  • BTH Div 8 � Financial Solutions
BTH DIVISION 8- Consultancy Services

We provide Technical, Sales, Business Development, Marketing and Research Consultancy Services in all our areas of expertise (Div-1 to Div-9)

BTH DIVISION 9- Financial Solutions

BTH covers this area through Wisdom Securities (Pvt) Limited, incorporated as a Private Limited Company in 2005. It is a Corporate Member of Islamabad Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited and registered as a Brokerage House under the Brokers & Agents Registration Rules, 2001 with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. Presently the Wisdom Securities is mainly engaged in the business of brokerage. A corporate member of the Islamabad Stock Exchange, Wisdom Securities is a full-service securities brokerage company at the Islamabad Stock Exchange having office in ISE Towers. It provides services in the area of sale and purchase of shares and guides the clients as how to invest. We also provide Stock Market Research.